Monday, February 27, 2012

Tween & Teen skincare!! An article of sorts for work...

The Educating of our youth on skincare!
Tweens & Teens

The raising of a Tween or Teen in today’s culture isn’t always easy with the media trying to “inform” us what they should look like and put on their precious skin. A heartbreaking reality has been hitting us for many years and that is our Tween/Teen culture needs grow up before their time. This involves the improper use of cosmetics and skincare. The media uses brilliant techniques to lure them into trying things that in the end will be harmful and possibly cause later irremovable damage. The actual education isn’t difficult but rather a joy!
We at Flying Horse desire to show you how simple and wonderful it is to shed light on this sometimes tricky area in your child’s daily and nightly routine. This is us trying to show our passion for you!!
We are here to serve, educate and bring you a peace of mind that we are here and deeply care for you and your family’s wellbeing.
A budding young adult should delight in learning how to preserve their outer youth understanding it really isn’t that hard, let’s explore a few ways…

Tweens should have the basic understanding that their skin is still like that of a baby but is needing the start of an adult skin care routine as their hormones are about to go on a wild ride and take their skin with it!
Their needs aren’t very big as of yet but they do need to start showing attention in the area of skincare.

Basic Needs:
A mild cleanser to clean and protect their still uniquely delicate condition
A hydrating toner to maintain the balance of their skin’s PH
An oil-free moisturizer to start the preservation and habit of moisturizing
A safe SPF that has low levels of chemicals no higher than 30
A powdered SPF will be safest in the long run if they are showing early signs of troubled skin.
At this point a scrub and mask may be too overwhelming and can be used in times of slumber parties and experimental fun!

Teenagers are by this point coming into their own, hungering for independence and the need to be more responsible for their skin as it is changing at a rapid rate.  At this point doing the wrong thing with their skin could have some serious consequences, the type that in 20 years they’ll be looking to change things that may never be able to be changed. Another thing for them to understand is one thing may be okay for their friend “Jane” but not good for them. A more detailed regimen is to be expected and the desire to do more should be blossoming! 

Basic and Growing Needs:
A cleanser for their skin type
A scrub to exfoliate 3 times a week
A toner and maybe astringent to balance oil and PH
A moisturizer and still likely to be oil-free 
Simple eye treatment to keep their skin hydrated
And as before a proper SPF.
Serums would be a help for some skin types but may also be too much and slightly overwhelming. 
Could start to suggest doing a mask once a week at least.

In all of this there will most likely be talks about makeup for girls and what's appropriate. I don't think experimenting is a bad thing and it can be fun when the occasion calls for it! However, I am a firm believer that less is more even when it comes to concealing things we don't care for such as blemishes and dark circles. All of which can be done tastefully bringing out the natural beauty starting on the inside. If there's a desire to try new things and see how different looks may appear encouragement of the right kind may produce talents far beyond anything you've ever seen...

Your children are precious to us and we value their development!
Thank you

Shannon P.