Monday, August 12, 2013

Back To School Makeup Thoughts...

It’s time to head back to school and a new or updated and fresh look is what both teachers and students desire most! (Besides the obvious productive and gainful year ahead)

Budgets are veeeery popular these days.
Esp for teachers and students!

So what are some ways you can save and feel confident about your look?

1.     Set a budget and don’t go above it.
2.     Research new products before just buying.
3.     Keep in mind, cheaper is not always better and expensive isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be!
4.      Look for workable and worthwhile dupes if you like how certain things apply, the color or the functionality of any given product.

Here’s an example:

The Urban Decay Naked pallets are VERY popular but are also VERY expensive!
And sure yeah, they look pretty cool, but, is it really worth the price?
Not in my opinion.

I haven’t found a set that have matches to the matte colors yet but I have found some to the shimmer and they come from the Physicians Formula line you can find at any Wally World or Target. You can either spend $40 + or spend under $15, for one palette!

As you can see, had the perfect photo!

Seems like a no-brainer to me. :0D

They are pigmented and gorgeous!!

There are many other blogs that focus on dupes and I know Pinterest has some awesome links to them! (I kinda figure most of us have a Pinterest account? Hehe) Heck, I find new things to try and do research on there. I also find things to enhance/advance! It’s sadly a HUGE addiction of mine, very guilty…Very…

I know I’m not alone ladies ;)

The world of makeup can be overwhelming to some.... 
Hey, the world of jewelry making is one of my overwhelming points so I can see how makeup could send somebody into a corner rocking and hugging their knees. Believe me, I tried looking into making a few things for myself and felt very scared while standing in our local Hobby Lobby. 

Just remember all you need to have a complete look is this:

1. A base and setting spray

2. Blush for color and or bronzer

3. Eye primer to keep your eye makeup in place all day

4. 1 brown and 1 black eyeliner of your choice

5. 1 or 2 basic eyeshadow palettes to switch things up

6. Mascara

7. Lip product of choice

**Now this list is going based off of a particular age group, that being 16+
I have very strong convictions on anyone younger wearing a full face of makeup before she's 16 years old. Here's my professional page post on it... 

"Quick tip on age appropriate makeup for 12-15 year olds: 

Your daughter is your treasure and her youth should be preserved longer than what society is saying.
What's sad is parents are caving and letting their daughters wear full on makeup before they turn 16.

Call me old fashion if you like...

Age appropriate makeup for ages 12-15 should be no more than concealer if your precious one is suffering from early teenage acne, mascara (Maybe some blue, green or purple!) and/or a tinted lip balms or gloss (Nothing too bright or bold).
Maybe once they're closer to 15 you can let them play around with some lighter eyeshadows and a mild cheek hi light. Even consider a light coverage face powder or BB cream if she needs help with concealing some blemishes.

I saw what happened at my sister's school when girls used too much makeup too soon and it was heartbreaking. Boys came around faster (Not the kind you want showing interest.) and the mindset wasn't as healthy. Insecurity levels can rise if they first don't learn to be comfortable in their own skin. The idea is to teach your daughter it's okay, you don't have to wear a lot of makeup (If any) to be/feel attractive.

Preserve her youth!
Give her confidence!
Show her how gorgeous she truly is!"

Makeup is just another way to express yourself, it's not who you are. 
Remember, the gorgeous woman is on the inside! 
I still need to tell myself that some days. 
Esp since I had the baby and I'm taking longer to heal than planned. 

I think it's time I scoot, the baby is due to wake up from his nap soon. 
Have a wonderful day!!

Oh yeah, if there's anybody who's interested in guest posting a dupe blog hit me up!

You can contact me via email:


Shannon Professional Aesthetician

Shannon <3 

Monday, February 11, 2013

Updated facebook!!


(Easy makeup for the pregnant mommy or for the person who just doesn't feel like doing much)

It has been far too long and little did I know I'd be so preoccupied with my pregnancy blog and forget about this poor darling. :-/

So many topics to yet touch on... *sigh*


I updated my professional page/name on facebook to make it a little more pleasing to the eye and less congested. It had been bugging me for awhile now and I finally decided now was the time.

You can find me at either the old if fb won't fully update me or the new:

Shannon P. Professional Aesthetician & Makeup Artist 

or the new

Shannon Professional Aesthetician

Swing by and check my page out! 
Would love to have enough likes to have a holiday contest/giveaway for 2013!! Let's shoot for 100 likes!!

Check out the pregnancy blog I've been keeping :)

Have a wonderful day,
Shannon <3 

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

My current skin care routine/products...

Good afternoon!
It's such a lovely fall day and I've been thinking on writing on my personal skin care products I use for a couple days now. I have a fairly simple routine for day and night as this pregnancy has me feeling "lazy" even though I've been far from lazy. I've just cut back and yet still kept up with caring for skin.

 I've been seeing results!
(I wish I had a before and after picture but alas I was too frustrated at the time to consider this.)

If you've read my pregnancy blog you've heard me mention how these hormones have effected my skin. Even before that you've read about my bad experience in using birth control. Both caused unwanted blemishes and bumps and for somebody who never had skin issues before... eugh! 
As an Aesthetician this bugged the daylights out of me. As it would anybody. 
I was pushed to do more research and see if I could help my poor skin relax!
I found some amazing discoveries that reinforced why I've heard things repeated again and again.

I've always been a stickler for a clean face before bed and in the morning before you start your day. 
I cleanse day and night with a cleanser and the cleansers always say, "Removes makeup" 
But how much do they truly remove?
Even an awesome cleanser (And I've found a couple that really make me happy!) doesn't truly remove all of your makeup like the bottle says it does. This in the long run will cause issues with skin that's dealing with hormonal breakouts or in general when skin starts to dull out over time.


A makeup remover prior to cleansing!

A remover that will provide antioxidants and the power to breakdown the gunk and makeup that's been on and around your skin all day. If you're not doing this step it may be a reason you're seeing your issues get worse or not improve. Thus a key puzzle pc with my skin issues! 
Here's the link to my nightly routine.

For the cleansing portion obviously you need a cleanser for your particular skin type. My current cleanser is new from Burt's Bees and so far so good.
It's gentle and very hydrating! It works very well with my combo skin seeing as it's not super oily I believe that's why this is a good fit so far. **This may not work for somebody who's skin is insanely oily.

For toner/astringent I use 2 different types. 

Both help calm and heal hormonally reactive skin, I'm very pleased with both!

**The Sea Breeze is best used at night or for a pre-cleanse wipe down in the morning but I wouldn't say dry skin types should use it on a daily basis, if at all. Use with cotton ball.

**The witch hazel toner is wonderful for sensitive skin that may be a little dry as well as combo and oily. It works to calm various types of irritation, not just clear pores. Great for day and night use. Can be used in a spray bottle or cotton ball depending on how dry your skin type is. 

These also catch ANYTHING you might have missed in the cleansing process. 
I love how clean I feel after using these!

I use a blemish clearing serum as well for added control which is needed for my chin area seeing as that's a key place hormones show their ugly little faces first. My issues are cut in half, maybe more than that with this serum! It is so good I'm afraid to try another :)
Probably one of the most expensive items I'm currently purchasing and this will last me several months so I find it worth the extra pennies. I use this day and night.

My moisturizer is the same for day and night use right now. 
If you're breaking out while pregnant an oil free base is the best! Now since my skin does get dry now and then it took a couple week for it to adjust and when it did I was VERY pleased. This just means I need a couple more pumps of product vs somebody who has really oily skin. This is my other "expensive" product I use, I keep all my costs (if possible) $30.00 an under. Talk about doing your research for good product on a budget and still getting good results!
Blurry (ugh) yes, but I'm only able to use my camera phone for the time being and it's not a smart phone. Please forgive :) and yes, the bottle is bigger than it looks. 

Lastly I'm using one of 2 things on my eyes (Seeing as I spilled my sweet almond oil.. oops.)
I'm using a serum and a salve currently and the salve is great for my lashes as well as my skin!
At the start of my pregnancy I couldn't STAND the smell of this coffee cherry eye salve but I love how it hydrates and yes, you can wear it under makeup! A terrific price for how much you get, I will have this for a year or longer. 

(My serum is nearly gone so this provided a fast pic as I also don't feel like waddling downstairs to my bedroom to take a picture. ;) This is over $30.00 but I found this well worth the cost esp since I've had my bottle for over a year! Great for all over the face as well as under eyes.

**I'm also using a clay mask that you mix with Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar for added potency. It says you can mix it with water too but I find my face itches and doesn't get as clean when I do it that way. I will post a DIY blog on this process soon!

I plan on investigating some scrubs from Burt's Bees as I do like and advise the use of such things on a weekly basis...But if your skin is overly broken out a scrub won't be for you, it would be more along the lines of an enzyme or chemical base. However ANY skin type can use those options as well. 
i.e. The peels offer by the Juice Beauty line, they are fantastic and I can't wait to repurchase!!

That's about it for now, I'll try to keep you updated as much as possible.
I do have my own computer now but since it was given to me I've found some bugs that need worked out so it'll still be a bit before I can really take off on things like I'd love to... Thanks for understanding!


Sunday, September 23, 2012

Aveeno's Positively Nourishing hairspray

It's a quiet Sunday afternoon so I felt like doing some writing/revamping of some old review blogs that really didn't get much TLC. Grab some lemon/lime water, kick up your feet and learn what I think of Aveeno's new hairspray.

Aveeno's Positively Nourishing hairspray:

What can I say...
I am allergic to nearly every hairspray or hair styling product under the sun! 
(Aquage, Paul Mitchell  & Redken being some of the worst for me.)
My skin hate chemicals, so I usually breakout around my hair line and on the forehead. This has indicated my skin's lack of enthusiasm when it comes to some pretty harsh stuff. Some people don't react, but like my mother I have sensitive skin.

Normally I've seen Aveeno as a HUGE hit and miss product line.
But this hairspray caught my attention as I was shopping at Walmart, it mentioned a wheat protein and this for some odd reason made me look at the bottle in more detail. 
(So if you have an allergy to wheat I'd be careful)
This particular hairspray mentioned it left your hair soft and flexible throughout the day. Hmmmm really? I've heard that one before too. It's roughly $6.00, why not?

I have started to wear bangs in front again and they love to become frizzy with little hairs tickling my eyes, that needed to stop. And seeing as they're smack in from of my forehead I am terrified to use anything, but I also dislike looking like I'm charged full of electricity and could shock you if I touched you.

I am to say the least shocked!
This is turning out to be a nice product :)
No breakouts, no frizz, and my bangs feel soft and natural all day long.
I've learned less is more. Like nearly everything cosmetic. 
My sister gets beautiful curls out of it and my dad has hold on his hair all day as well and doesn't look stiff and funky. Pretty sure I'm in love with this hairspray.

I'm giving it a solid 8.


 Because I wish it came in a bigger bottle considering it's $6.00 for only 9.0 FL. OZ. 
However, I use only bits at a pop so this will last me quite a long time.
 I will be buying it again! 

 Have a beautiful day!

Shannon <3

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Toner vs Astringent

Good Morning!!
I'm so incredibly sorry it's been so long since I've been on to write using this blog.
I've been so focused on my pregnancy writing that I've spaced on keeping up here!

I had put a post up on my professional facebook page that said the following:
"Do you think there's benefit in using a toner or astringent on a cotton pad after you've cleansed your face? YES! This is a great way to catch what even your great cleanser may have left behind. Cause the truth is it does happen, even to the best! Watch an see how your skin will begin to brighten twice as fast once you start doing this step! If desired, you may mist your face with your toner afterwards for added bliss. Your astringent will have already done its work. ♥"

A girl friend of mine asked this in reply to my post:
"Freeing ImperfectionsWhat kind of toner or astringent do you recommend?"

(Which btw you should check out her facebook page/blog, she's fantastic!)

I figured it would be a good idea to kind of give a quick explanation on the difference between toners and astringents. After all we know about them existing but do we really understand what they do for us? Shockingly not many do and I've spent a lot of time explaining this to clients, family and friends.

Each plays a different role in skin care and not every skin type can use one or both.
Everything is based off of what skin type you have.
And this may change for you depending on what time of year it is.
I know it sure does for me!

For instance:

A. If you have super dry skin you'll want toner

B. If your have super oily skin you may consider an astringent for most days and a toner on those occasional dehydrated days.

C. And if you're like me where your skin changes it's mind depending on the season and hormonal balance of your body you could most likely use both and alternate one for day one for night.

So what does a toner do?

A toner is meant to bring balance back into the skin by hydrating and soothing the acid mantel which is the protective layer we have on the top of our skin. (Ever have a cleanser make your face feel super tight and annoying after you've washed it? Bad news is your acid mantel has just been stripped!)
It preps the skin for any serum or moisturizer you will be using and can also be used to set mineral makeup w/out the cost of buying a setting spray. 
(Unless you have a need for something a little more drastic.)
You can chill your toner in the fridge for hot summer days when you need that mid day boost or carry one with you in your purse for added pleasure throughout your day if you tend to be intensely dry.
I use a toner every morning after I've washed my face to prep my skin for the day and I notice a huge difference vs when I forget or was in a rush and got lazy. I can't live without the stuff!
And yes, toners can help aid in the fight against acne, you just need to make sure you have one for your particular skin type!

My favorites:

Skin by Ann Webb
She has 2 options and one is more for combo skin and the other for insanely sensitive!
The cost is roughly $7.50 or so

Juice Beauty's Moisture Mist
Their's is the most I'll spend on a toner and even then I wish it was lower.
However, it's hydrating and works. 
Cost being $16.00

Alaffia's Baobab & Shea Refreshing facial toner
Is one I bought on a whim when I was nearly out of my Juice Beauty.
It works well for combo, sensitive and mature skin types.
The cost is roughly $7.00-$14.00 depending on shopping location

I have yet to try a popular one that's sold at any Walmart or Target called Diskinson's but it's next on my list! People rave about it so I've got to see what this is all about...

So that makes an astringent what?

Astringents are often abused in the skin care world and many find them either helpful or destructive.
They work as a purifying agent again bacteria and overly producing oil glands.
The abuse part is when somebody over uses it and gets the reverse action and their skin back fires and starts to produce more oil just to try and protect your skin from being dehydrated!
Makes a nice mess for some people.
Used properly they can be very, very useful, even help heal pesky acne issues and who doesn't like the idea of that?? Astringents are wonderful for deeper cleansing of the pores to clear out any potential  yuck left behind. Has worked wonders for my hormonal pregnancy blemishes!
You need to really know your skin type before using one of these, esp if you want to use it morning and evening. The last thing you want is a hot mess popping up over night...

I've only found one brand that I like so far and that's because I'm very leery of trying a lot seeing as I have sensitive, combo skin. I'm very pleased with the brand I've found even though I know there are other options out there, and maybe some would be better, but I'm in love with the following brand.

Sea Breeze
It smells very strong but has a delightful tingle on the areas I know need a good cleaning.
It helps with blackheads as well!
The cost is under $5.00

** This is a product to be used most likely at night after cleansing to help get the last of the makeup gunk off your face should any have stayed behind. Or in the morning after a workout to collect that gunk before stepping in the shower to cleanse. Combo to oily skin types are best for this brand. There's a sensitive formula as well for those who need and added buffer. 

Now witch hazel is kind of a combination of both a toner and an astringent.
How so?

Well, witch hazel has wonderful soothing properties that also hydrate.
It also removes bacteria and gunk.
So it's kinda nice for those who are so smack dab in the middle or really just want one product because their skin never dries out and never gets too oily. It has a funky smell to some but I personally like it. breaks it down saying it's anti-inflamitory, antimicrobial an astringent and a moisturizer.
Sums it up really well!

I bought the wrong brand this round and meant to buy Dickinson's but will finish what I have seeing as it's not treating me so badly. But I will buy Dickinson's next time! Their cost is under $5.00.

I hope that answered a few questions for you about toners vs astringents?
I know going into the field I didn't have a clue!

Hope you have a wonderful day :)

Shannon <3

Tip of the session:
Try using any of these according to your particular skin type and see what a difference it makes!
Using both day and night after cleansing and alternating if desired. 

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Flowers in bloom! (Intrinsic aging)

Good afternoon!! 
I'm not sure if you're a coffee or a tea person but I'm sure we can get you something if you're interested? The wind has died down and the warm sunshine feels glorious, come join me on the front porch and we'll catch up! I realize it's been far too long....

Is it odd I address you the way I do when I open up?
I kind of giggle to myself and wonder if I sound like a babbling idiot.
I've always had a different take on things and this is one way I've attempted to be unique. 

I'd like to share with you my facebook status I put up this morning as a precursor to today's blog...

"Nothing comes from the garden of a bitter heart... Is not the earth turned over and torn up before any seeds are planted? Yes! Therefore your soul undergoes such tiling before any sweet seeds of fragrance can bloom. Sometimes we need to face hard times in order to see the vibrant colors of our future. Understanding of your current situation may not be present now but the reward and knowledge gained from the experience is the sweetest, most gorgeous flower God has ever created! (You'd be shocked at how this effects your body not to mention your skin...) ♥"

This is to sort of piggy back what's been going on with me for the last month.
I woke up this morning thinking on my late position and realizing there is such a blessing in this haze and though the dust is still settling for me emotionally I can see the flowers beginning to bloom! 

This location which was a dream come true and one I lived for a few short months was amazing, however, I can see how it would've potentially held me back from pursuing other dreams I have in this field. I don't want to look back when I'm gray and old wishing I hadn't at least tried chasing after the moon a few more times! Nobody I've ever talked to likes that feeling and who can blame them?

I realize you're prob wondering why I bring things of such a personal nature to the table time and time again? Well, each personal morsel does touch on my career as well and all the research I do on a daily basis. And when you sit down and think about how everything connects it makes sense.

Think about it this way.....

Have you ever seen people who look absolutely miserable when walking down the street?
Their hair is dull and lifeless sometimes,
Their skin sort of hangs off their body in an unnatural way,
They have odd cricks in their posture and so on.

This is all pointing to a condition deep within their soul which in turns comes out physically in our bodies! Studies have been shown time and time again on this. What happens internally shows eventually externally. Thus it's part of what we call our "Intrinsic aging process" what happens inside our bodies and how it effects us on the outer portion. 

Scary huh? 
But it goes to show you there's a true need for hope in this life doesn't it?

I've seen this show on people's skin more times than I can remember in various forms.

Dermal loss of elasticity
Deep wrinkles 
Loss of skin's natural luster, youthful glow is gone
Thin skin and dehydration

And what has every client said when I ask what their stress level is?
Everybody's answer is the same...
It's ridiculously high and they wish there was something they could do to change it. 
It's amazing how your internal turmoil shows externally.

Ever think of it this way before?
Not everybody does at first.
But if you watch people closely and as you learn you'll start to see things in a whole other light.
You'll see how holding onto things really isn't worth it and how your body and skin come to hate you for it. Release and let go. You'll live a happier life with more energy and the longer benefit of youthful skin. Next time you feel stressed take a close look at how your skin reacts when you let it effect you.
It'll shock you.

Hope you have a wonderful day!!
If you're feeling whacked out, remember to take a step back and look at what really matters in this life.
You are an amazing person, NEVER forget that.

Stay Healthy,
Shannon <3