Sunday, September 23, 2012

Aveeno's Positively Nourishing hairspray

It's a quiet Sunday afternoon so I felt like doing some writing/revamping of some old review blogs that really didn't get much TLC. Grab some lemon/lime water, kick up your feet and learn what I think of Aveeno's new hairspray.

Aveeno's Positively Nourishing hairspray:

What can I say...
I am allergic to nearly every hairspray or hair styling product under the sun! 
(Aquage, Paul Mitchell  & Redken being some of the worst for me.)
My skin hate chemicals, so I usually breakout around my hair line and on the forehead. This has indicated my skin's lack of enthusiasm when it comes to some pretty harsh stuff. Some people don't react, but like my mother I have sensitive skin.

Normally I've seen Aveeno as a HUGE hit and miss product line.
But this hairspray caught my attention as I was shopping at Walmart, it mentioned a wheat protein and this for some odd reason made me look at the bottle in more detail. 
(So if you have an allergy to wheat I'd be careful)
This particular hairspray mentioned it left your hair soft and flexible throughout the day. Hmmmm really? I've heard that one before too. It's roughly $6.00, why not?

I have started to wear bangs in front again and they love to become frizzy with little hairs tickling my eyes, that needed to stop. And seeing as they're smack in from of my forehead I am terrified to use anything, but I also dislike looking like I'm charged full of electricity and could shock you if I touched you.

I am to say the least shocked!
This is turning out to be a nice product :)
No breakouts, no frizz, and my bangs feel soft and natural all day long.
I've learned less is more. Like nearly everything cosmetic. 
My sister gets beautiful curls out of it and my dad has hold on his hair all day as well and doesn't look stiff and funky. Pretty sure I'm in love with this hairspray.

I'm giving it a solid 8.


 Because I wish it came in a bigger bottle considering it's $6.00 for only 9.0 FL. OZ. 
However, I use only bits at a pop so this will last me quite a long time.
 I will be buying it again! 

 Have a beautiful day!

Shannon <3

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