Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A true spa experience!

Good Afternoon Darling Readers!!!

It's a little nippy here in the Springs so I've made us some more tea if that's alright with you?
I've been working on kicking a silly cold so I figured some green tea with pomegranate would be nice...
It's a simple tasting tea, I rather like it. Esp since the antioxidants are amazing!!
If you want some honey to give the flavoring more zing I have some right over here on the counter.
Shall we take a seat?

After my last blog I figured it's time to point out some wonderful perks a spa should be offering you during your visit! These little things can make a world of difference in your choice of wanting to go back or run away.

When you walk in the front door the spa should have a soul warming atmosphere and the smiles from the employees should come quickly and genuinely. By soul warming I'm not saying any one particular look is THE LOOK. Everybody has their own taste and what feels good to them.
My personal favorite is earth tones, wood, choice tile or marble, scented candles filling the air with a delectable aroma. The product (s) are neatly displayed on shelves with a mirror in back and a light overhead giving you a clear view of what the spa has to offer...
Either way, it should feel like you can trust the environment as soon as you walk in the door!

You should be checked in quickly and treated like a king or queen.
Any notifications of the spa running behind should be told to you so you're not wondering if you've been forgotten. 

One of two things can be offered next.
They can offer you a place to safely store your things and you will be given a robe and slippers.
Or they will show you directly to a sitting area that should be cozy and inviting. There they will most likely have you fill out any paperwork so your therapist or Aesty can give you a proper consult.
The paperwork should be detailed to help them serve your needs to the best of their skills and knowledge.
You shouldn't have to wait long before you are greeted and asked if you need anymore time on your paperwork or if they'll be a few more minuets. 

If you are already in a robe you will be shown to your room and given a few minuets to climb under the covers and get comfortable. The room should have lower lighting, soft music playing (or a sound machine), it should look clean and smell delightful (or at least clean)!
If you have yet to undress you should be offered a place to store your things and given time to get ready w/out feeling rushed.

The consultation should feel like an easy conversation and not an interrogation.
You should feel like you can trust this person, that they know what they're doing and are concerned about you and your feelings. The consultation should also be through yet not feel like you're a cadaver ready for an autopsy. If you have questions, don't be afraid to ask! They should be able to openly answer and give you a clean reply leaving you feel even more confident in your treatment.

The treatment should be nothing short of bliss!!
And any extractions should be sensitive to you and your tolerance to such a thing. 

If you have fallen asleep they should rouse your gently and let your clear the cobwebs.
Offer you some water or tea and then let you get up and dressed or back into the robe.
You should be escorted back to the waiting area and told you can feel free to sit and relax while you sip on water, tea or coffee. If you have any questions you should be allowed to ask and offered to do so.

Once ready to leave you should have a clear understanding of where you need to go, and the desire to return should be singing a song in your head. You feel like you got your money's worth and have been treated like no other place has ever treated you before. A refreshed and renewed sense of self should be washing over you in waves of pleasure. If you need to be somewhere make sure to ask ahead of time if they can help you with a light makeup application and see if it's with the treatment or an extra cost. 

I'm thrilled to be offering my services at a spa near you soon!! 
Whereas out of my home is delightful, I can't have all the perks I want with my current setup.
I have taste that doesn't fit my budget currently and I hunger to offer only but the best and very soon I shall :)

As always I enjoyed our talk and will be eager to speak with you again!
Have a wonderful evening.

Shannon <3

Tip of the session:
I'm sure you know taking vitamins is good for your skin's health.
But do you know how Acai benefits your body?
It's a fruit still under study but it's looking to show high signs of amazing antioxidants!
I'm currently taking some Acai to see if I notice any added difference with the other vitamins I'm taking.
WebMD has a nice little article I think you should read:
Here's another from the Mayo Clinic:
As you can see they are still gathering information on this curious little fruit...
I am eager to see what they find :)

Friday, January 20, 2012

Some things to check before you make an apt!

Hello again!!
Are you as tired as me?
Let's enjoy some crisp lemon water tonight next to a fire with some fresh soup!
I've been looking forward to our visit all day. :)
I wanted to give you some advice on what to look out for when you're thinking of visiting a spa for services or maybe buying somebody a gift certificate.
In the interesting locations I've worked I've gained some priceless knowledge that you don't have a good chance to understand let alone fully wrap your head around while in school. 
I've worked in 3 different locations (when I wasn't working from home) and each had some lessons to be learned! Little did I know what I'd see, hear, touch and maybe even smell...
Sanitation is my biggest issue in this industry! 
You are dealing with people's health here and a level of cleanliness is to be expected from us the Aesthetician's. One of the biggest parts of our job is to keep you our clientele safe! 

I advise in taking notice of the following before getting a facial or body treatment:
1. Crust on the product bottles along with on the shelves they could be sitting on
2.  *Barbicide tray littered with floating debris,that they in fact have a barbicide tub
3. Little hairs left on the tweezers and other equipment
4. Clean multifunction machines, no crust or sticky residue ect...
5. Clean water in the steamer
6. Gloves being used when the occasion calls for it,esp if the Aesthetician has a bandage on their hand!
7. Fresh blanket, sheets and towels on the bed and around the room
8. Nothing looks cracked or old.
9. The floors are swept and free of gunk, your bare feet don't feel any gritty bits and your feet are the same color as when you first got there.
10. Are they using professional products?
(My first job I had the head Aesty bringing in stuff from the dollar store to compensate for lack of product on the back bar.)

Those are basic things to keep an eye out for and really isn't as long of a list as it seems once you think about it. It's common sense in what's safe for you as the client. 
If you're going in for a wax here are a few more things to observe:
1. Are the wax pots clean
2. The wax station isn't covered in sticky and dust
3. There's a spray bottle  of *70% Isopropyl Alcohol
4. They don't double dip the sticks when performing a service
5. Gloves are present and being used

Having your makeup done:
Observe and look through their makeup station!!
Pull out the drawers and take a peek. 
You can ask first of course but please for your own sake, take a look about.
1. Look to see if there's a bottle of brush cleaner/sanitizer in view or ask if they keep one up there.
2. Check if there's a full bottle of Pur'el present,
3. Ask to see them sanitize their hands before they touch anything or you. 
4. Open their sample lip glosses, liquid eyeliner and or mascara to check  and see if they snipped all the wands off. If they haven't there's a chance they have been used via first hand potentially spreading something like pinkeye or strep your way.  
5. Check for fingerprints in their creme based products.
6. Look over the brushes and make sure they're clean! Ask if they've been sanitized properly. I.E. Shampooed and conditioned at the end of each day and sprayed with the cleaner in between each client.  
7. Make sure the eyeliner pencil's are freshly sharpened.
8. And final, make sure the location is clean and littler free inside and out.
These are little details you as the client may miss during your visit.
 So please do me the favor of asking to look around the room/spa before booking an apt!
If they have nothing to hide they will openly and willingly show you what you're potentially concerned about. And if they think you're crazy, who cares, at least you know you'll be safe.
ESP If you have that room/s being shared/used by more than one person!!

My brain is swirling now as this took my last bit of mental energy.
If I didn't cover a concern or answer a question you might have email me or contact me via face book!!

Hope you enjoyed our little chat as it was one giant tip :)
Please come see me again,I love our times together.

Shannon <3 

*70% Isopropyl Alcohol
Are two ways to sanitize and disinfect.
Did you know it takes 10 min to kill something potentially harmful?
Yup. Thus we soak our items for 10 min at a pop, then rinse if need be.
Cavicide is another strong weapon we Aesty's use!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Wonderful news!!! Come in and I'll tell all :)

Come in! Come in!
It's terribly windy today wouldn't you agree?
The mirror is over to your left if you wish to check your hair...

I pray everybody had a good day?
It was yet another busy one for me and a little hectic at points but God is good and now here I am talking with you wonderful Darlings. Ahhhh instant peace, thank you for that!

If you were on my face book you saw me stating I had some news...
Boy do I ever!!!

To give a little history so you're not lost, I've had several Aesthetician positions and all seemed pretty good at first. The interviews went amazing and I was nearly hired on the spot each time, a blessing and favor from God to be sure. Though, I have learned out of my experiences to ask MORE questions of the particular location I'm interviewing with. Many reasons being you don't want to be working in a place that has poor sanitation procedures, lack of knowledge for your part in the spa industry as the Aesthetician, lack of respect for your things ect... 
It's truly exhausting but it's a wonderful way for you to learn things you could NEVER learn in school.

I was raised with morals and respect and when you see things happening that effect you directly in your working location it takes a huge toll on you. This isn't saying a lack of trust in God but it's stating it will drain your sprit and your passions start to feel strained and suffocated. I'm sure you understand what I'm saying because this isn't just a spa industry issue. Far from it. 

I've been burned working in this industry and have thrown my hands in the air many a time and asked, "WHY??!!"

I have made promises to myself, husband and family which I refuse to break. Part of which being I don't dare sell my soul for my career. It's uncalled for esp when you've made a promise of "Till death do me part." I'm not saying be lazy and try to take the easy way out, no! By all means, work hard and give it your all. Just don't let it consume who you are as a person, wife (or husband), daughter, sister etc... 

Often your job wants you to sell that precious soul and own it and use you like a marionette puppet. 
Or step have you on other people's neck's to get ahead.


Does that make me better than you?
Goodness no.
In God's eyes we are all equal and He loves us like no other love we'll ever know while on this earth.
That being said, I have zero room to place myself above anybody. 

I'm just wanting you to get a small picture (And many of you already understand what I'm saying) of some of the things you can deal with as an Aesthetician. Life. And being burned makes one cautious on returning to said environment. Esp when your home or a coffee house is a cozy place to help others out. You feel free.

I guess you can see where I'm headed...

God handed me a job. 
A job I'd be stupid if I didn't take it!!!
Actual pay, meal times and the most luxurious location I've seen.
Check it out

I have a desire to be an educator one day and unfortunately working out of the home isn't what the state wants to hear, sooooo I need to be working at a spa. Ah the anxiety that first created, memories of yuck came flooding back and I needed my husband and family to sit me down and help me see what God was doing. Now I feel excited and can't wait to start this adventure!!! 

Sorry for the long winded (haha) explanation but my heart just felt the need to sing a little.
Our God is an awesome God.

I will keep you updated...
Thank you for listening :)

Shannon <3

Tip of the session:

Interested in keeping your skin healthy when it's a blistery day??
Vitamins. (SO much to say here!)
Chapstick, such as Pangea Organics in Pyrenees Lavender w/Cardamon
A healthy skincare routine,
Such as a toner meant for your skin type,
and moisturizer set for the season/time of year we may be facing.
Also if you have a healthy powder SPF (Seeing as most liquid isn't worth beans.) you blend on daily you'll see it adds another layer of protection again the biting fiend! 
These are simple steps but they really help.
I notice a difference and only learned a small portion of this via research. Most of it was putting puzzle pieces together as to what made me feel good personally. 
If you have other ways/ideas feel free to post them! 
I'd love to hear what you do and how you do it. 

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A little more about who I am...

Good evening once again!!

Tonight I've made us some more tea coupled with some yogurt and fresh berries.
Sound yummy?
I thought it tasted good :)

So please come in and sit down!

I went to my hairstylist today and had him (& My sister) help me out with a new look that I've been mulling over for several weeks now. After I asked my husband what he thought I was delighted to take off running with this new concept! You'll see it soon on my face book page for my new professional photograph compliments of my amazing father. 

Back to what I originally sat down to talk with you about.

I first noticed I was interested in makeup and skin when I was a wee thing and my mommy started to buy me Barbie coloring books. Do you remember the 90's collection with all of those HUGE curls, jean jackets and short ruffled skirts? That's what I spent time on several afternoons a week, often my mom would join me. We would break out the Crayola boxes, fancy looking Barbie coloring books and go at it with creative gusto as mother's & daughters often do. Some very fond memories there...
Only taking notice of their faces I would paint them up pretty and call it good. 
This drove my mom up a wall! 
She would ask me many times why I insisted coloring ONLY the faces?? 
I wasn't quite sure back then but I understand now makeup and glowing skin always had my attention. And always will.

From there I of course grew up and have been playing around and learning ever since!!

I graduated top of my class. 
Have several certifications and aim to gain more.
My research is done on a near daily basis as is my constant playing around with new and old makeup looks. (I've started period looks and boy is it fun!)

Sooooooo without boring you any farther you can hopefully tell that this is a true passion of mine! And if you need some more convincing stick around and find out as I answer your questions, share what I'm learning ect...  

Well, it's getting late and I need to go pick up my hubs from work soon so I will catch you later! 

God Bless,
Shannon <3

Tip of the session:

Not a pretty ingredient in our cosmetic world.
Talc and asbestos are mineralogically related...
I'll let that set in.
When I learned this I went on a frenzy of research!
And if you start looking on the back of your cosmetics you'll see just how many companies use this powder substance... It's scary. 
Physicians Formula sold at any Target, Walmart or drugstore location offers Talc Free selections but not all of their products are free of this harmful ingredient. 
There are companies who have taken notice and DO NOT use it in their products which is a massive step in the right direction. Thank God!
Here's one of my favorite companies
I am currently using this line for my primer, foundation and setting powder.
I both it and the price!!!
I'll touch more on brands later but wanted to leave you with this little gem to carry with you when you're out shopping for cosmetics, baby products ect...
Keep and eye out and you'll be juuust fine. 

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Getting started... Welcome to my online "Spa"

Hello Darlings and welcome!!

Please come in, get cozy and light a favorite scented candle as we start our first spa session or if you like visit? I would like to set the mood by playing some soft music in the background, soft lighting and offer you a cup of tea, but alas we must chat via internet. 

I'm thrilled because I've been wanting to start a blog for a long time now...
(You have no idea)

Time has finally opened up after the CRAZY holiday season I had. 


So let me fill you in on why my time has been so incredibly wacky....

I was working 2 jobs, planning a wedding, being sick (Via birth control, which I will touch on at a later date ), still trying to keep up my research with Aesthetics ect... 
Plus it took a while to "catch up" on sleep once everything settled down which added a whole other fun treat for me. But now I'm back and more excited than ever!! 
I've got so much to say and need to figure out how to spill without overwhelming you. ;)

I am here to be your internet (Or personal if you live local) Aesthetician, Makeup Artist, Ingredient/Product knowledge Guru, Personal life stuff ect... 
So please don't hesitate to ask me any questions that you might have stirring in your head or heart. No question is EVER silly, trust me I have plenty interesting ones myself. 
I want to be here for you because I truly care and desire to serve as best as I can. 

This blog is testing my skills in posting on this new site seeing as technology or rather this whole thing isn't my friend and I usually need time to learn. So please forgive my lack of blog bling at this point, I WILL get there!

Hoping you all are having a wonderful evening, I will be talking with you again soon!!

Shannon <3 

Tip of the visit :

I will say this time and time again.
Water is a HUGE key in keeping your skin and body healthy.
Lemon is a great way to help if you like a little flavor plus it alkaline's the water.
See link for basic understanding if you're curious ;)
32-36 oz a day is a great way to start (But not an exact amount!), just buy a bottle that has the measurements and it'll help take some of that pressure off your back in guessing how much you've had. See link below.
This will help flush toxins out of your system, keep you from getting flakey itchy skin, healthier hair and nails, clearer skin and much more!!