Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A little more about who I am...

Good evening once again!!

Tonight I've made us some more tea coupled with some yogurt and fresh berries.
Sound yummy?
I thought it tasted good :)

So please come in and sit down!

I went to my hairstylist today and had him (& My sister) help me out with a new look that I've been mulling over for several weeks now. After I asked my husband what he thought I was delighted to take off running with this new concept! You'll see it soon on my face book page for my new professional photograph compliments of my amazing father. 

Back to what I originally sat down to talk with you about.

I first noticed I was interested in makeup and skin when I was a wee thing and my mommy started to buy me Barbie coloring books. Do you remember the 90's collection with all of those HUGE curls, jean jackets and short ruffled skirts? That's what I spent time on several afternoons a week, often my mom would join me. We would break out the Crayola boxes, fancy looking Barbie coloring books and go at it with creative gusto as mother's & daughters often do. Some very fond memories there...
Only taking notice of their faces I would paint them up pretty and call it good. 
This drove my mom up a wall! 
She would ask me many times why I insisted coloring ONLY the faces?? 
I wasn't quite sure back then but I understand now makeup and glowing skin always had my attention. And always will.

From there I of course grew up and have been playing around and learning ever since!!

I graduated top of my class. 
Have several certifications and aim to gain more.
My research is done on a near daily basis as is my constant playing around with new and old makeup looks. (I've started period looks and boy is it fun!)

Sooooooo without boring you any farther you can hopefully tell that this is a true passion of mine! And if you need some more convincing stick around and find out as I answer your questions, share what I'm learning ect...  

Well, it's getting late and I need to go pick up my hubs from work soon so I will catch you later! 

God Bless,
Shannon <3

Tip of the session:

Not a pretty ingredient in our cosmetic world.
Talc and asbestos are mineralogically related... 
I'll let that set in.
When I learned this I went on a frenzy of research!
And if you start looking on the back of your cosmetics you'll see just how many companies use this powder substance... It's scary. 
Physicians Formula sold at any Target, Walmart or drugstore location offers Talc Free selections but not all of their products are free of this harmful ingredient. 
There are companies who have taken notice and DO NOT use it in their products which is a massive step in the right direction. Thank God!
Here's one of my favorite companies
I am currently using this line for my primer, foundation and setting powder.
I both it and the price!!!
I'll touch more on brands later but wanted to leave you with this little gem to carry with you when you're out shopping for cosmetics, baby products ect...
Keep and eye out and you'll be juuust fine. 

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