Thursday, January 19, 2012

Wonderful news!!! Come in and I'll tell all :)

Come in! Come in!
It's terribly windy today wouldn't you agree?
The mirror is over to your left if you wish to check your hair...

I pray everybody had a good day?
It was yet another busy one for me and a little hectic at points but God is good and now here I am talking with you wonderful Darlings. Ahhhh instant peace, thank you for that!

If you were on my face book you saw me stating I had some news...
Boy do I ever!!!

To give a little history so you're not lost, I've had several Aesthetician positions and all seemed pretty good at first. The interviews went amazing and I was nearly hired on the spot each time, a blessing and favor from God to be sure. Though, I have learned out of my experiences to ask MORE questions of the particular location I'm interviewing with. Many reasons being you don't want to be working in a place that has poor sanitation procedures, lack of knowledge for your part in the spa industry as the Aesthetician, lack of respect for your things ect... 
It's truly exhausting but it's a wonderful way for you to learn things you could NEVER learn in school.

I was raised with morals and respect and when you see things happening that effect you directly in your working location it takes a huge toll on you. This isn't saying a lack of trust in God but it's stating it will drain your sprit and your passions start to feel strained and suffocated. I'm sure you understand what I'm saying because this isn't just a spa industry issue. Far from it. 

I've been burned working in this industry and have thrown my hands in the air many a time and asked, "WHY??!!"

I have made promises to myself, husband and family which I refuse to break. Part of which being I don't dare sell my soul for my career. It's uncalled for esp when you've made a promise of "Till death do me part." I'm not saying be lazy and try to take the easy way out, no! By all means, work hard and give it your all. Just don't let it consume who you are as a person, wife (or husband), daughter, sister etc... 

Often your job wants you to sell that precious soul and own it and use you like a marionette puppet. 
Or step have you on other people's neck's to get ahead.


Does that make me better than you?
Goodness no.
In God's eyes we are all equal and He loves us like no other love we'll ever know while on this earth.
That being said, I have zero room to place myself above anybody. 

I'm just wanting you to get a small picture (And many of you already understand what I'm saying) of some of the things you can deal with as an Aesthetician. Life. And being burned makes one cautious on returning to said environment. Esp when your home or a coffee house is a cozy place to help others out. You feel free.

I guess you can see where I'm headed...

God handed me a job. 
A job I'd be stupid if I didn't take it!!!
Actual pay, meal times and the most luxurious location I've seen.
Check it out

I have a desire to be an educator one day and unfortunately working out of the home isn't what the state wants to hear, sooooo I need to be working at a spa. Ah the anxiety that first created, memories of yuck came flooding back and I needed my husband and family to sit me down and help me see what God was doing. Now I feel excited and can't wait to start this adventure!!! 

Sorry for the long winded (haha) explanation but my heart just felt the need to sing a little.
Our God is an awesome God.

I will keep you updated...
Thank you for listening :)

Shannon <3

Tip of the session:

Interested in keeping your skin healthy when it's a blistery day??
Vitamins. (SO much to say here!)
Chapstick, such as Pangea Organics in Pyrenees Lavender w/Cardamon
A healthy skincare routine,
Such as a toner meant for your skin type,
and moisturizer set for the season/time of year we may be facing.
Also if you have a healthy powder SPF (Seeing as most liquid isn't worth beans.) you blend on daily you'll see it adds another layer of protection again the biting fiend! 
These are simple steps but they really help.
I notice a difference and only learned a small portion of this via research. Most of it was putting puzzle pieces together as to what made me feel good personally. 
If you have other ways/ideas feel free to post them! 
I'd love to hear what you do and how you do it. 

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