Friday, January 20, 2012

Some things to check before you make an apt!

Hello again!!
Are you as tired as me?
Let's enjoy some crisp lemon water tonight next to a fire with some fresh soup!
I've been looking forward to our visit all day. :)
I wanted to give you some advice on what to look out for when you're thinking of visiting a spa for services or maybe buying somebody a gift certificate.
In the interesting locations I've worked I've gained some priceless knowledge that you don't have a good chance to understand let alone fully wrap your head around while in school. 
I've worked in 3 different locations (when I wasn't working from home) and each had some lessons to be learned! Little did I know what I'd see, hear, touch and maybe even smell...
Sanitation is my biggest issue in this industry! 
You are dealing with people's health here and a level of cleanliness is to be expected from us the Aesthetician's. One of the biggest parts of our job is to keep you our clientele safe! 

I advise in taking notice of the following before getting a facial or body treatment:
1. Crust on the product bottles along with on the shelves they could be sitting on
2.  *Barbicide tray littered with floating debris,that they in fact have a barbicide tub
3. Little hairs left on the tweezers and other equipment
4. Clean multifunction machines, no crust or sticky residue ect...
5. Clean water in the steamer
6. Gloves being used when the occasion calls for it,esp if the Aesthetician has a bandage on their hand!
7. Fresh blanket, sheets and towels on the bed and around the room
8. Nothing looks cracked or old.
9. The floors are swept and free of gunk, your bare feet don't feel any gritty bits and your feet are the same color as when you first got there.
10. Are they using professional products?
(My first job I had the head Aesty bringing in stuff from the dollar store to compensate for lack of product on the back bar.)

Those are basic things to keep an eye out for and really isn't as long of a list as it seems once you think about it. It's common sense in what's safe for you as the client. 
If you're going in for a wax here are a few more things to observe:
1. Are the wax pots clean
2. The wax station isn't covered in sticky and dust
3. There's a spray bottle  of *70% Isopropyl Alcohol
4. They don't double dip the sticks when performing a service
5. Gloves are present and being used

Having your makeup done:
Observe and look through their makeup station!!
Pull out the drawers and take a peek. 
You can ask first of course but please for your own sake, take a look about.
1. Look to see if there's a bottle of brush cleaner/sanitizer in view or ask if they keep one up there.
2. Check if there's a full bottle of Pur'el present,
3. Ask to see them sanitize their hands before they touch anything or you. 
4. Open their sample lip glosses, liquid eyeliner and or mascara to check  and see if they snipped all the wands off. If they haven't there's a chance they have been used via first hand potentially spreading something like pinkeye or strep your way.  
5. Check for fingerprints in their creme based products.
6. Look over the brushes and make sure they're clean! Ask if they've been sanitized properly. I.E. Shampooed and conditioned at the end of each day and sprayed with the cleaner in between each client.  
7. Make sure the eyeliner pencil's are freshly sharpened.
8. And final, make sure the location is clean and littler free inside and out.
These are little details you as the client may miss during your visit.
 So please do me the favor of asking to look around the room/spa before booking an apt!
If they have nothing to hide they will openly and willingly show you what you're potentially concerned about. And if they think you're crazy, who cares, at least you know you'll be safe.
ESP If you have that room/s being shared/used by more than one person!!

My brain is swirling now as this took my last bit of mental energy.
If I didn't cover a concern or answer a question you might have email me or contact me via face book!!

Hope you enjoyed our little chat as it was one giant tip :)
Please come see me again,I love our times together.

Shannon <3 

*70% Isopropyl Alcohol
Are two ways to sanitize and disinfect.
Did you know it takes 10 min to kill something potentially harmful?
Yup. Thus we soak our items for 10 min at a pop, then rinse if need be.
Cavicide is another strong weapon we Aesty's use!

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