Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A true spa experience!

Good Afternoon Darling Readers!!!

It's a little nippy here in the Springs so I've made us some more tea if that's alright with you?
I've been working on kicking a silly cold so I figured some green tea with pomegranate would be nice...
It's a simple tasting tea, I rather like it. Esp since the antioxidants are amazing!!
If you want some honey to give the flavoring more zing I have some right over here on the counter.
Shall we take a seat?

After my last blog I figured it's time to point out some wonderful perks a spa should be offering you during your visit! These little things can make a world of difference in your choice of wanting to go back or run away.

When you walk in the front door the spa should have a soul warming atmosphere and the smiles from the employees should come quickly and genuinely. By soul warming I'm not saying any one particular look is THE LOOK. Everybody has their own taste and what feels good to them.
My personal favorite is earth tones, wood, choice tile or marble, scented candles filling the air with a delectable aroma. The product (s) are neatly displayed on shelves with a mirror in back and a light overhead giving you a clear view of what the spa has to offer...
Either way, it should feel like you can trust the environment as soon as you walk in the door!

You should be checked in quickly and treated like a king or queen.
Any notifications of the spa running behind should be told to you so you're not wondering if you've been forgotten. 

One of two things can be offered next.
They can offer you a place to safely store your things and you will be given a robe and slippers.
Or they will show you directly to a sitting area that should be cozy and inviting. There they will most likely have you fill out any paperwork so your therapist or Aesty can give you a proper consult.
The paperwork should be detailed to help them serve your needs to the best of their skills and knowledge.
You shouldn't have to wait long before you are greeted and asked if you need anymore time on your paperwork or if they'll be a few more minuets. 

If you are already in a robe you will be shown to your room and given a few minuets to climb under the covers and get comfortable. The room should have lower lighting, soft music playing (or a sound machine), it should look clean and smell delightful (or at least clean)!
If you have yet to undress you should be offered a place to store your things and given time to get ready w/out feeling rushed.

The consultation should feel like an easy conversation and not an interrogation.
You should feel like you can trust this person, that they know what they're doing and are concerned about you and your feelings. The consultation should also be through yet not feel like you're a cadaver ready for an autopsy. If you have questions, don't be afraid to ask! They should be able to openly answer and give you a clean reply leaving you feel even more confident in your treatment.

The treatment should be nothing short of bliss!!
And any extractions should be sensitive to you and your tolerance to such a thing. 

If you have fallen asleep they should rouse your gently and let your clear the cobwebs.
Offer you some water or tea and then let you get up and dressed or back into the robe.
You should be escorted back to the waiting area and told you can feel free to sit and relax while you sip on water, tea or coffee. If you have any questions you should be allowed to ask and offered to do so.

Once ready to leave you should have a clear understanding of where you need to go, and the desire to return should be singing a song in your head. You feel like you got your money's worth and have been treated like no other place has ever treated you before. A refreshed and renewed sense of self should be washing over you in waves of pleasure. If you need to be somewhere make sure to ask ahead of time if they can help you with a light makeup application and see if it's with the treatment or an extra cost. 

I'm thrilled to be offering my services at a spa near you soon!! 
Whereas out of my home is delightful, I can't have all the perks I want with my current setup.
I have taste that doesn't fit my budget currently and I hunger to offer only but the best and very soon I shall :)

As always I enjoyed our talk and will be eager to speak with you again!
Have a wonderful evening.

Shannon <3

Tip of the session:
I'm sure you know taking vitamins is good for your skin's health.
But do you know how Acai benefits your body?
It's a fruit still under study but it's looking to show high signs of amazing antioxidants!
I'm currently taking some Acai to see if I notice any added difference with the other vitamins I'm taking.
WebMD has a nice little article I think you should read:
Here's another from the Mayo Clinic:
As you can see they are still gathering information on this curious little fruit...
I am eager to see what they find :)

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