Monday, August 12, 2013

Back To School Makeup Thoughts...

It’s time to head back to school and a new or updated and fresh look is what both teachers and students desire most! (Besides the obvious productive and gainful year ahead)

Budgets are veeeery popular these days.
Esp for teachers and students!

So what are some ways you can save and feel confident about your look?

1.     Set a budget and don’t go above it.
2.     Research new products before just buying.
3.     Keep in mind, cheaper is not always better and expensive isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be!
4.      Look for workable and worthwhile dupes if you like how certain things apply, the color or the functionality of any given product.

Here’s an example:

The Urban Decay Naked pallets are VERY popular but are also VERY expensive!
And sure yeah, they look pretty cool, but, is it really worth the price?
Not in my opinion.

I haven’t found a set that have matches to the matte colors yet but I have found some to the shimmer and they come from the Physicians Formula line you can find at any Wally World or Target. You can either spend $40 + or spend under $15, for one palette!

As you can see, had the perfect photo!

Seems like a no-brainer to me. :0D

They are pigmented and gorgeous!!

There are many other blogs that focus on dupes and I know Pinterest has some awesome links to them! (I kinda figure most of us have a Pinterest account? Hehe) Heck, I find new things to try and do research on there. I also find things to enhance/advance! It’s sadly a HUGE addiction of mine, very guilty…Very…

I know I’m not alone ladies ;)

The world of makeup can be overwhelming to some.... 
Hey, the world of jewelry making is one of my overwhelming points so I can see how makeup could send somebody into a corner rocking and hugging their knees. Believe me, I tried looking into making a few things for myself and felt very scared while standing in our local Hobby Lobby. 

Just remember all you need to have a complete look is this:

1. A base and setting spray

2. Blush for color and or bronzer

3. Eye primer to keep your eye makeup in place all day

4. 1 brown and 1 black eyeliner of your choice

5. 1 or 2 basic eyeshadow palettes to switch things up

6. Mascara

7. Lip product of choice

**Now this list is going based off of a particular age group, that being 16+
I have very strong convictions on anyone younger wearing a full face of makeup before she's 16 years old. Here's my professional page post on it... 

"Quick tip on age appropriate makeup for 12-15 year olds: 

Your daughter is your treasure and her youth should be preserved longer than what society is saying.
What's sad is parents are caving and letting their daughters wear full on makeup before they turn 16.

Call me old fashion if you like...

Age appropriate makeup for ages 12-15 should be no more than concealer if your precious one is suffering from early teenage acne, mascara (Maybe some blue, green or purple!) and/or a tinted lip balms or gloss (Nothing too bright or bold).
Maybe once they're closer to 15 you can let them play around with some lighter eyeshadows and a mild cheek hi light. Even consider a light coverage face powder or BB cream if she needs help with concealing some blemishes.

I saw what happened at my sister's school when girls used too much makeup too soon and it was heartbreaking. Boys came around faster (Not the kind you want showing interest.) and the mindset wasn't as healthy. Insecurity levels can rise if they first don't learn to be comfortable in their own skin. The idea is to teach your daughter it's okay, you don't have to wear a lot of makeup (If any) to be/feel attractive.

Preserve her youth!
Give her confidence!
Show her how gorgeous she truly is!"

Makeup is just another way to express yourself, it's not who you are. 
Remember, the gorgeous woman is on the inside! 
I still need to tell myself that some days. 
Esp since I had the baby and I'm taking longer to heal than planned. 

I think it's time I scoot, the baby is due to wake up from his nap soon. 
Have a wonderful day!!

Oh yeah, if there's anybody who's interested in guest posting a dupe blog hit me up!

You can contact me via email:


Shannon Professional Aesthetician

Shannon <3 

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