Monday, March 26, 2012

Wonderfulness!!+Thoughts on Acne meds & Acidophilus.

Good Morning!!
I caved and decided to have some coffee this morning with hazelnut, care to join me?
We have some cloud coverage but the prediction is low 80's! 
This time last year it was ridiculously cold so this change is rather nice :)

Well, to make a long story short my prayers have been answered in a way I didn't see coming...
God put on my bosses heart the understanding of how doing more work than what I'm contracted to do would indeed put me under more stress than needed. She informed me Saturday that all she'd be needing is me to maybe open and close here and there, that she saw it was going to stress me and she wants me happy and in my element where I thrive!!

Praise God :)

I left there with such a weight lifted it was amazing!

So, now that I've kind veered away from how I started to post on here I think it's time to bounce back into things don't you? It's been a crazy month and a half but I think I can see the ocean waves coming to a steadiness that is overdue and a blessing to be sure.

I will resume my regular postings asap and will try to get something out every Monday if possible!
(Seeing as it's my only week day off usually)

So keep an eye out and I will be talking with you very soon!!

Shannon <3

Tip of the session:
Have you ever been curious about the acne on your forehead?
Have you tried numerous topical treatments and still no relief?
Tried drinking more water, even putting lemon in it?
Have you even considered using medication to tame your annoying little friends up there?
Dr.'s I have found and am very disgusted with I might add, are very prescription happy.
Did you know many acne medications are detrimental to your health?

Some side effects might be:
 Intense photo sensitivity
Hair loss or sever thinning
Leg cramps
Weight change
Behavior changes
Suicidal tendencies
Tooth discoloration
Fluid retention
Impaired liver function

I went to school with a girl who took Accutane and her hair is forever altered now because of it...
Blonds are known for having thick gorgeous locks, it's part of their genetics.
(But not every blond will have thick hair due to blond line differences ect)

She said her hair used to grow fast and long, was thick and something she loved!
Post Accutane it can't grow past her shoulders, 
is thinner, finer and breaks off once it reaches a certain length. 
Eugh, not fun!

Now, there are some cases where the acne is so intense that you do need a Dr.'s help.
Please don't hear me telling you to ditch your physician all together.
I haven't had many clients with upper grade acne but I have had my fair share in treating various types and there are many reasons acne is found on the human body.
Tho I still say check into more natural alternatives first!
Talk to your Dr. and see, some are trying to lean more towards a healthier rout vs artificial. 

Coming back around to forehead acne...
It usually means your digestive track is crying out for help!
If you have found that this is the case you may want to talk with your nutritionist about Acidophilus.
This little guy helps promote healthy digestive function and keeps your friendly bacteria count normal. 
If you friendly or microflora balance is being disrupted that may be a case for forehead breakouts.
Not 100% cause hormones and stress can play a key there too but the forehead is a signal that your digestive track may need some TLC.

Some things it may help with:
Female health with properly balanced bacteria for vaginal yeast infections
Cancer prevention
Helps lower serum cholesterol levels
Will help prenatal vitamins function at it's highest
May help calm the side effects of Inflammatory Bowel Disease 

Just be aware,
 If your super sensitive it may cause things to be a little more free than you're used to ;) 
But if you're on a prenatal (or suffer from IBS Irritable bowel syndrome) this may not be such a bad thing seeing as prenatal vitamins can cause the opposite. 
Just be sure to consult a nutritionist and/or your Dr.

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