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The Dangers of Birth Control. Period.

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Some good news on the product (Yon-Ka Paris) front at the spa.....

They currently have parabens and will be paraben free come May of this year!
I'm thrilled!!!
 These little suckers mess with your hormones and since they are designed to help the product go deeper (for maximum effect) those awful ingredients are sinking directly into our bodies cause issues we might have never thought of. Hormone disruption being a biggie!!
So to say the least I'm super excited and can't wait to try me some Yon-Ka,
esp since they're upgrading their line by doing this. Truly fantastic. :)

My topic as you can see isn't parabens though I should prob write a blog on those too, however this one is on birth control. Please excuse the pun in the title hehe ;)

As some of you know I decided to try birth control a few months before I got married.
It's what I heard you "need to do" and what most of my girl friends were/are on.
I was noticing another trend too of them saying it made them feel psycho, moody, emotional, messed with their eating and weight, how they had to switch brands and find one that fit them best ect...
Heck a couple ended up in the ER their side effects got so bad.
haha Yeah, I still tried the goofy stuff.

I made an apt with my Dr and talked with her and she said there was a low hormone pill ( Lo Seasonique) I could take and the step below the was the Nuvaring. She claimed it was much safer and the risks were cut in half if I lived a healthy lifestyle (Which I do).

Off I went with a free 3 month trial....

Did I do some research?
Did I do enough?

My side effects were so incredibly awful I seriously thought I was going insane.

My side effects were as follows:
Severe mood swings
Personality change
Anger and frustration over retarded issues
Ooooooverly Emotional
Going from insanely hot to freezing cold
Breast tenderness to the point of refusing hugs
Lack of desire to be touched or cuddled by my (at the time) fiance
Lack of desire to eat
Always tired
Muscle pain
Severe cramping that increased weekly
A never ending cycle that got worse the longer I was one the pill
Constant upset tummy at night
Trouble sleeping
Acne all month long vs just the slight freak out once a month
(However minor it still drove me mad haha)
And the list goes on...

After research I've learned birth control is still in a testing phase to see how safe it is for us lady folk. (FDA approved doesn't mean anything)
After all, the pill has only been around since the 1960's and that's really not long enough to know anything long term.

But there are many who are speaking out about how BC has messed with their bodies/hormone levels...

My husband read an article that stated the pharmaceutical companies haven't filled Dr's in on the risks BC may have on a woman's body long term. (I could kick myself for not having him send me the link!)

Also the little things they slip into some types of BC....

Such as a self abort chemical if you do get pregnant.
I'm pro life and don't believe in "The morning after pill" or anything like that.
But I'm also not of the mindset "However many children God decides to give us..."
I believe in being a responsible adult woman.
As do many.

This is my developed opinion as well as many others I'm finding.
However it's not a strong enough opinion to spread widely and get the medical community thinking. I have personally noticed my body hasn't been the same since I dropped my BC.
And this is me only using it for a month and feeling the way I did /still do.

I see questions drifting out there asking,
"Am I the only one who has felt off since I dropped my BC??!!"

Lots of ladies are coming forward about their bodies still feeling off, worse or just as bad.
And here I thought I was going crazy. Nope.

I know my body very well, esp since the BC. And I can tell that something just hasn't been right.
I've also noticed it's not the same yuck I feel on occasion with regards to my TBI I had 8 years back.
No, this is veeeeery different!

My husband had come to me about it after I had a slight meltdown on him. He has put puzzle pc's together over the last 4 months. I am blessed to have married such and observant man!! He's noticed things have been better yet still off since I stopped taking the pill.

My current side effects had me going bonkers!
Come to learn BC can either mess with or damage progesterone levels.
It offered relief to say the least, because I now know what's been going on :)

HRT (Hormone replacement therapy) isn't on my options list seeing as there's a whole other side of ugliness from that alone and no thank you! I am seeking natural ways to kick my butt in gear.

So far I've found the following:
1. **Chasteberry,
An herb that stimulates the pituitary gland to send messages to the ovaries to make more progesterone. It's great for women who are trying to become pregnant, need relief from PMS symptoms or needs to have a more regular cycle.

(Which is to be taken before a pregnancy not during as it could fuss with the hormone Prolactin.)

Are there potential symptoms?
Yes, it's an herb and sometimes things like that happens.

2. Avoiding certain cosmetics, soaps, nail polish ect.. with false estrogen (xenohormones) or parabens.

3. Foods such as...Turmeric, Thyme, Oregano, Whole grains, B-6 vitamin foods,
and of course a B-6 vitamin(s).

Here's and article that really helped me out!

**As always, if you have concerns or have certain illnesses or are on the pill PLEASE consult your Dr before trying anything like this!! 
I have yet to even try this herb and will be asking more questions before I go out and buy some.

I felt the need to get something out there to say you're not alone if you're feeling anything like I have and still do. Cause up until my research I was feeling very lost. 

Also, to get the danger of taking BC out there.... 
I'm now a firm believer that it's not the way to go and it's going against everything God designed a woman's body to do. We're messing with His design and at what cost? 
We don't fully know and I've talked to enough people who have horror stories that convince me all the more, this is far from safe. 

If I've offended anybody, it wasn't my intension!! 
This is a serious issue and it needs to be exposed for what it is.
Esp with ladies coming forward with concerns like mine.

I am but one small voice, but in that small voice I want to make an impact and offer hope to those who feel like they're lost, confused or simply want to know they're not alone. 

Hoping this sunny day finds you all happy and healthy.

Shannon <3

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