Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Flowers in bloom! (Intrinsic aging)

Good afternoon!! 
I'm not sure if you're a coffee or a tea person but I'm sure we can get you something if you're interested? The wind has died down and the warm sunshine feels glorious, come join me on the front porch and we'll catch up! I realize it's been far too long....

Is it odd I address you the way I do when I open up?
I kind of giggle to myself and wonder if I sound like a babbling idiot.
I've always had a different take on things and this is one way I've attempted to be unique. 

I'd like to share with you my facebook status I put up this morning as a precursor to today's blog...

"Nothing comes from the garden of a bitter heart... Is not the earth turned over and torn up before any seeds are planted? Yes! Therefore your soul undergoes such tiling before any sweet seeds of fragrance can bloom. Sometimes we need to face hard times in order to see the vibrant colors of our future. Understanding of your current situation may not be present now but the reward and knowledge gained from the experience is the sweetest, most gorgeous flower God has ever created! (You'd be shocked at how this effects your body not to mention your skin...) ♥"

This is to sort of piggy back what's been going on with me for the last month.
I woke up this morning thinking on my late position and realizing there is such a blessing in this haze and though the dust is still settling for me emotionally I can see the flowers beginning to bloom! 

This location which was a dream come true and one I lived for a few short months was amazing, however, I can see how it would've potentially held me back from pursuing other dreams I have in this field. I don't want to look back when I'm gray and old wishing I hadn't at least tried chasing after the moon a few more times! Nobody I've ever talked to likes that feeling and who can blame them?

I realize you're prob wondering why I bring things of such a personal nature to the table time and time again? Well, each personal morsel does touch on my career as well and all the research I do on a daily basis. And when you sit down and think about how everything connects it makes sense.

Think about it this way.....

Have you ever seen people who look absolutely miserable when walking down the street?
Their hair is dull and lifeless sometimes,
Their skin sort of hangs off their body in an unnatural way,
They have odd cricks in their posture and so on.

This is all pointing to a condition deep within their soul which in turns comes out physically in our bodies! Studies have been shown time and time again on this. What happens internally shows eventually externally. Thus it's part of what we call our "Intrinsic aging process" what happens inside our bodies and how it effects us on the outer portion. 

Scary huh? 
But it goes to show you there's a true need for hope in this life doesn't it?

I've seen this show on people's skin more times than I can remember in various forms.

Dermal loss of elasticity
Deep wrinkles 
Loss of skin's natural luster, youthful glow is gone
Thin skin and dehydration

And what has every client said when I ask what their stress level is?
Everybody's answer is the same...
It's ridiculously high and they wish there was something they could do to change it. 
It's amazing how your internal turmoil shows externally.

Ever think of it this way before?
Not everybody does at first.
But if you watch people closely and as you learn you'll start to see things in a whole other light.
You'll see how holding onto things really isn't worth it and how your body and skin come to hate you for it. Release and let go. You'll live a happier life with more energy and the longer benefit of youthful skin. Next time you feel stressed take a close look at how your skin reacts when you let it effect you.
It'll shock you.

Hope you have a wonderful day!!
If you're feeling whacked out, remember to take a step back and look at what really matters in this life.
You are an amazing person, NEVER forget that.

Stay Healthy,
Shannon <3 

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  1. Thank you for sharing! I loved reading about your experiences and your outlook on life. You are an uplifting person. I'm glad to have stumbled upon your post.

    Best wishes,

    Rachel Lane